Gentleman’s Guide to Internet Porn

Technology has brought us many great things. Obviously the most useful and important of these great things is internet porn. In my life time, I have seen home video cassettes turn into DVD’s. What could be better than that? I could skip forward to any scene I want and slow play bouncing tits to my heart’s delight. Nothing could be better… WRONG. I’ll admit that back in the dial up days, internet porn was a pain in the ass. Who wanted to sit around for half an hour for a five minute scene to load? Who wanted to watch grainy images going at it? It wasn’t perfect at first, but with the advent of high speed internet, anybody with a mobile device can be watching their favorite adult stars in all of their glory in seconds. So where can you find the best sites and make the most of your alone time? There are a ton of free online porn sites to get your self-sex on. The real challenge is to find a woman online. Read our guide to finder site and find sex using sex finder sites. Follow our strategy for adult finder dating and get laid.


“Men cannot resist porn”

The biggest problem that you are almost guaranteed to run into is advertisements. If a site has fifty different flashy advertisements, not only will it slow down your computer at times, but it’s more likely that you’ll accidentally click on something that you didn’t mean to. That leads to viruses, and nobody needs viruses popping up when they’re trying to rub one out. That is the first rule of porn sites: If you’re not absolutely certain that the link is clean, move on to another. If you look on forums a majority of people will list their favorites. Plug that site into a search engine and if it looks legit, then move on. There are plenty of free porn sites.

Screw the Memberships


“Don’t take any membership”

The optimal word in the last sentence was free. Almost all of the websites you’ll go to have membership plans or will tell you to create an account for free browsing. Screw that. You shouldn’t need to create a membership. A popular method of getting you to join their site these days is to give you a limited number of views before locking you out for a day unless you have a membership. These work okay, especially if you know three or four of them. Obviously you don’t always have time to watch more videos than they’ll give you, but what about the long afternoons alone when none of your prospects are getting back to you? You need a porn site that isn’t going to slow you down.

The best thing about the internet and all its many porn sites is that it offers a tremendous variety. If I had a dime for every new girl or fetish I’ve discovered since I started on internet porn, I could probably actually pay for it all. Take the time to browse. Most of the best sites will have category sections where you can find every genre of porn imaginable and some that you probably couldn’t. It’s there. Take the time to get to know what you like, and then who you like.


“Browse the best porn sites on the internet”

An all-time favorite porn site is The site has it all. What separates it from almost every other site is that when you’re searching by category and you see a thumbnail you like, you click the thumbnail, it takes you to that category, and you can actually find that exact scene. Aside from that, when you search by name, not only will it have a couple scenes from just about everyone, but it has pages and pages of them. The database is enormous and best of all there is very little hassle. The site does, however, have many thumbnails that will take you to other sites. Click out of them and try again, and you’ll almost always get the scene you’re looking for.

Say you’re looking for something fast. Tube8, youporn, and youjizz are some of those sites that only offer limited views, but that could be all you need before work or whatever else. They also have home pages with videos that other people are watching or have been uploaded that day. It takes a lot of the preference out of it, but still has a pretty alright range to choose from.

Check Out the Adult Sex Sites


“You can find links to adult sex sites from these porn sites”

Another awesome feature of a lot of these is that they can link you to legit adult finder sites. Be careful about the super flashy ads that offer ridiculous things like “grow your cock five inches” or “married ladies in your area code need sex NOW.” especially if you live in a small town where everyone knows everyone. If you don’t recognize that broad, then it’s not true. Getting back to the point, porn sites know that you are on there for sex. It could just be because you enjoy your company so much, or that you’re lonely. Often times they appeal to that and traffic you over to sites like or These are sites that help you find other adults to date or have sex with. Most of them are free too or at least offer free trials.

There are sites that offer more if you pay to find these people. Keep in mind that this is only if you’re rolling in the bank or something. There’s enough free stuff to keep you occupied forever. If you are looking to hook up with real life porn stars and have got the cash to blow, give it a shot. Then there are questionnaires and quizzes to zone in on the type of hottie you’re after., as the name implies, is all about sex. If you’re looking for porn in real life, subscribe and look around. But, just like online porn, there are some scary things you might not have expected to pop up like fake profiles. There are other dudes out there, just like you, looking to get off and sometimes they do that by tricking horny guys into cyber sexing. If she seems super reluctant to meet up after it’s getting hot and heavy online, then look at one of the other babes on the site. Just a word to the wise!

Clean Up, Buddy


“Don’t forget to clear that browser history”

So now that you’ve gone on a porn-nado rampage, it’s time to clean up. Throw the tissues out and clear that browser history. It’s pretty easy to look up online, but most of the time it’s as simple as clicking the setting option in your internet browser, selecting history, and clearing it. It’s up to you if you want to clear it all or just the incriminating evidence. Even if you are the main user of your computer, eventually someone will come over and use it or you’ll leave your Google plus logged in on the work computer (which will repopulate your search results into any computer).

Porn sites have come a long way since the beginning of the internet. They’ve gone past simple moving pictures to whack off to. Now-a-days they supply carnal desire and act like the middle man towards sites that can hook anyone up with anyone. But with great power, comes great responsibility. Trust your instincts, don’t click that link if it looks too good to be true, don’t spank it to girls that won’t hook-up from adult sites, and clear your browser history.

Figuring Out If She’s a Dominant or a Submissive

“Keep an open mind to know if she is a submissive or dominant”

“Keep an open mind to know if she is a submissive or dominant”

Maybe you’ve just decided to hook-up with a new girl and you’re super excited about it. Unfortunately, she’s a little shy about some of her preferences, and you’d really like to try out something new and exciting with her in the bedroom. Your first priority would be to make her like you and secondly, make her comfortable. If she starts to like you, you are golden. Now, you know how to get laid with sex hookup sites. Understanding women is not that difficult as it is hyped to be. It’s usually pretty easy to figure out a woman’s sexual preferences in bed if you follow the subtle clues that she leaves out for you, but figuring out whether or not she’s a dominant or submissive can be a bit more challenging. A lot of sex hookup sites that help you get laid won’t go into this side of the sex world, but every girl has preferences, so it’s good to know what they are!

The Traits of A Submissive

“Find out if she likes to be submissive”

“Find out if she likes to be submissive”

There are a lot of men and women alike out there that identify as a submissive. If you want to figure out if that’s what she is, there are a few traits that are pretty easy to analyze and recognize. Heck, she might not even realize it herself, so being able to recognize these things and point them out to her later might lead to some interesting conversations in the bedroom, and some even more interesting play between the two of you.

One of the most common signs of a woman that would naturally enjoy being a submissive in bed is the natural tendency to be more honest and open. Submissive girls in general need to be able to convey what exactly it is they want out of their scenes in the bedroom, and by being able to openly talk about the things that they enjoy in bed, you may find yourself with a woman that is just naturally made out to be a perfect sub. A lot of hookup sites that help you get laid aren’t going to go into this sort of talk, but seriously–if you have a woman that can openly reveal her fantasies, there’s a good chance that being dominated, or at least experimenting with the idea, is one of them. That leaves the door to a lot more scenarios open, and you will find that the more honest she is about those kinds of things, the more likely she is to be a submissive. There really is a big difference between honesty and dishonesty in these situations, because a submissive is placing full trust in the dominate person in the bedroom. Honesty will make it clear between certain lines that do not nee to be crossed.

“Don’t force things on her”

“Don’t force things on her”

Acceptance and openness will do a lot to help coin a submissive as well. Submissive girls, while knowing exactly what they want at generally being honest about it, are also extremely accepting of their dominator’s whims as well. They need to be open to trying new things as long as they are in their comfort zone…but they also need to be able to be pushed outside of their comfort zone. Your woman might be a submissive if she is extremely open to outside influences, even something as simple as you attempting to take her to a new restaurant that she has never tried before. Subtle cues like that may or may not mean much, but it’s worth a shot to see if she likes being submissive in the bedroom!

Rule of thumb in figuring out if she’s a submissive or not: if she has any sort of fantasy about being dominated or controlled, she’s probably into being submissive. It’s not rocket science here at all, but you should make sure you know her limits and exactly how much she wants to be dominated before the two of you really get into this kind of thing in the bedroom!

The Traits of a Dominatrix

“Some women like to be dominant”

“Some women like to be dominant”

There are a lot of women out there that love being in charge. These are the kind of women that are often fetishized in black leather and whips and chains, but it’s usually a lot more subtle than that, and there’s no need to go all the way out there with your first hookup (unless the two of you have already dropped hints or discussed it). Assuming you have no idea and she hasn’t dropped clues either way, there’s only so much a hookup site that’s helping you get laid can tell you. It’s best to pay attention to what she does and what she says to figure out if she likes doing the dominating in the bedroom.

If your woman is the one that usually calls the shots and decides where and when you want to go and do something that should be your first clue. A natural dominatrix in the bedroom calls the shots, and can be pretty controlling in everyday life as well. She will have strong opinions and not hesitate to let you know exactly what they are. She will rarely be physical about stopping you, and will expect you to obey her with simply a different tone used in her voice. A lot of men will misconstrue this as bitchy or bossy, but if you’ve got the ride vibe going on, you’ll realize right away that this lady is a natural-born dominatrix, and that can be one heck of a lot of fun in the sack when utilized properly.

“A dominant woman will act like a boss”

“A dominant woman will act like a boss”

A lot of women that are leaning towards the dominant end of the spectrum will be a lot more close-mouthed about some of their needs, and only specify specific things that they want you to do to them, nothing more. They will be very particular about the way things need to be done in the bedroom, and usually pretty controlling about that as well. If you’ve got a girl that wants you to worship her body and tells you exactly how to do it, there’s a good chance she has tendencies leaning towards the dominating side of things. Embrace it, and the two of you will have a lot more fun than any hookup site trying to get you laid will tell you.


Honestly, not every woman is going to fall into a cookie-cutter role and not every woman is even going to be interested in dominating you or submitting to you. A lot of women aren’t going to like these kinds of play in the bedroom at all, and you should keep that in mind when approaching your new hookup with these kinds of ideas. That being said, there are just as many women that do enjoy it, so you’ve got a 50/50 chance of finding someone that is a blast to roll around with and enjoy some light roleplay of the dominatrix or submissive spectrum of things. If you pick and choose wisely, you’ll end up with a hookup that is a fun time and really hits all your buttons as much as you’re hitting hers. If you observe her closely enough, you will be able to see very clearly if she’s a dominant or a submissive lady in the bedroom and you will be able to cater to her without any trouble. Just keep your eyes open, your ears open, and keep an open mind when it comes to seeing her for what she really is and what she will enjoy the most.

Developing a Gym Routine

If you’re not used to hitting the gym, establishing a routine and not giving up after a month or so might seem impossible. It might be difficult, but all fat burner product reviews and product comparison surveys will tell you that combining a good diet and exercise with your weight loss supplements will yield results much faster. You can work out at home, but unless you have a home gym you won’t get the results that you want. It’s absolutely essential to visit your local gym, and having a routine will help you lose weight fast and keep you coming back for more, even if you’ve had issues making it a habit before.



“Set up a gym routine”

The key to establishing a gym routine is not doing the exact same workout every single day. If you want to burn yourself out quickly, then go ahead and do the same thing. If you want to stay interested and to get results fast, then start alternating your schedule.

Cardio is the most important part of your routine, and so it should take precedence over the rest of your workout. That doesn’t mean having cardio day every day, but giving yourself about three cardio days a week will give you the best results. Don’t go for too long, either – that’s a good way to end up injured or overworked. The average cardio session should be between half an hour and an hour depending on how strenuous it is. This is something anyone can fit into his or her day, no matter how busy. If it’s nice out, go outside on the track and jog the straights, and walk the curves. Changing your pace will make the workout more effective. If you’d rather be inside, using the elliptical will give you a better workout than the treadmill or bike.

When it isn’t a cardio day, then you should alternate between working the upper and lower body. It’s crucial that you don’t focus all your attention on one area of the body, or else you’ll end up disproportionately muscular in one area and flabby in other areas. Take one day for upper body, one for lower, and another for the whole body. Be sure to work the entire upper and lower body so that you get a proper workout. Bench pressing will do wonders for your entire upper body, and the leg press will get you the tone you’ve always dreamed of in your legs. Just be careful not to use too much weight or else you’ll just wind up injured. Use lighter weights in repetitions instead of overexerting yourself with heavy weights in small doses. Don’t worry about showing off – nobody is focused on how much you’re lifting. Fat burner product reviews don’t tell you this information, but it’s an absolute necessity in any gym routine.



“Getting a physique like this should be a good motivation”

The hardest part about establishing a gym routine is sticking to it. It’s easy to give up when things get tough and life starts getting in the way, but if you’re dedicated to losing weight then you have to keep going. Self-motivation isn’t easy, so if you don’t have strong will power, it’s okay to enlist the help of others. Go in on a weight loss mission with someone else – a bit of healthy competition and someone you can make a comparison with progress-wise can’t hurt. Not to mention that going in on it with others will give you a reason to keep going, so that it doesn’t look like you’re flaky. The important thing is keeping the others from giving up as well – make it seem like you’re very dedicated so that they feel obligated to buck up and do the same.

If you would rather go it alone, then there are other ways to motivate yourself. Give yourself milestones that you want to hit, and arrange awards for hitting them. It might seem a little juvenile and like you’re getting a gold star for your work, but it can really make all the difference. Even if you just want to reward yourself with something small at the end of every week you went to the gym, do it. Trying to reward yourself for even the tiniest things will help you stay on track and make all those weight loss goals you set for yourself. A scoop of ice cream at the end of a hard week isn’t anything to stress over, so don’t deny yourself.



“Commit yourself to a workout and win the battle of losing weight”

Before you set a gym routine for yourself, it’s important that you truly want to lose the weight. A lack of commitment will cause you to give up in no time, no matter how much motivation you give yourself. This same lack of commitment and determination is the reason why so many New Year’s resolutions fall through by February.

Don’t be a quitter. Instead of getting to the gym right away, make a list of why you want to lose weight. You might want to lose the weight to improve your physical health, or maybe even just to have more energy. There are countless reasons to get to a healthy weight, even if it’s just to fit into old clothes or look good at that high school reunion. Write a list of reasons to lose weight, and put them onto your fridge or somewhere you’ll see them everyday – this will help you keep yourself energetic about your goals and committed to shedding that weight.

Fat burner product reviews will tell you that it’s important to take the supplements for a while before you start seeing results, so you have to stick to your resolutions and be patient enough to wait for the payoff. These products take time to show results and the top fat burning supplements or the best fat burner pills will come through for you in the end. All you have to do is be a little patient. Nothing is immediate (if it isn’t dangerous plastic surgery), so doing it the natural way takes a lot of work.



“Take a day off from work out – you have earned it”

This one might not seem like it belongs on the list, but it’s really crucial to your gym routine. In between a job, family, and any other obligations, you might feel overwhelmed with the work that goes into losing weight. Instead of going every day of the week, schedule an off day for yourself to relieve some of the stress. Have the food you’ve been craving all week, stay in bed all day, and just generally do whatever you want. Forcing yourself to hit the gym every day all week will give you nothing to look forward to, and so you’ll get sick of it fast and will probably just give up. Knowing that at the end of the week you can take a day off to enjoy yourself will motivate you to keep going strong the rest of the week. Not to mention that way you can get in a full workout routine with three cardio days and still have room for a day off – it works out perfectly.

Take this day to go out for dinner with friends if you wanted to, or have a nice big dinner with your family. This is your time to cheat and do whatever you want; if you’ve been keeping up with your diet and exercise on top of your supplements, then this won’t hurt you at all. It helps to detox a bit so you don’t overwork yourself and get too stressed.

Why We Need Better Legislation In The Adult Cam Industry?


“Need of strict legislation in today’s world”

“Need of strict legislation in today’s world”

Recently, cases of violence against child and women trafficking are rapidly increasing. It is because of the social influences that are brought by media pornography. Moreover, the moral conduct is extremely aggravated due to circumstances that involve cam site ratings pornography. Also, the people need to be more aware of what’s going around them. If an individual wants to enjoy some private time via cam sites then one should read the site review first. For example, one can read review here and find out whether liveprivates is a scam or not. This is important to ensure their own safety and so that they can report to the authorities, if they found something illegal.
Despite of implementing the legislation to regulate this industry, there are still media producers that have the liberty to continue their business. So, why is this happening? Is the legislation for adult cam industry enough or not? These are just a few of the issues that law enforcers should validate to come up with a definite solution.

Regulations for Adult Cam Industry

A few decades ago, there are cases about adult film productions that were revalidated by the Supreme Court. These cases had recalled the protection for free speech under the law of cam pornography. The coverage of the law had ruled this industry by limiting the amount of indecent and obscene images or films. All adult films should stay within the limitations of social standards. The purpose of regulating the cam site ratings industry is to prevent the occurrence of child pornography. It was a massive intervention by the federal government to protect people from trafficking and violence. In the US Code of Regulations which is stipulated in the Title 18, Section 2257, there should be no participants in an adult cam films that ages below 18. Failure to abide by the legislation may result into criminal prosecutions. As part of the age entry restriction laws, all adult cam movie producing companies are required to submit all documents that hold the records of participant’s age. This is a reinforcing law within the Custodian of Records.

What is Section 2257 Regulations for Adult Cam?

“Protect your children”

“Protect your children”

This legislation is also known as the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act. It was implemented in 1988 right after the introduction of child pornography in the society. As part of the United States Code and US Act of Congress, all X-rated movies are placed with stringent document keeping that involves the requirements for producers. It includes the regulations for producing sexually and actual explicit cam site ratings materials. All guidelines for reinforcing this law, which was colloquially termed as Act of 2257 regulation, demand the producers to obtain and submit the records of their performers. This includes the proof of age for every person they shoot. All of these documents must be retained. The federal inspectors are bound to launch a random inspection of these records. Any infractions from the regulation are entitled for a definite prosecution. Additionally, the statute holds another enforcing act that requires these record-keeping requirements to any person who is involved with the activity. These cover the participation of any individual with the hiring, managing, contracting, or arranging for the involvement of the adult movie participants. The inclusion of secondary producer had been defined by the US Department of Justice as well. These secondary producers are those who reproduce or publish the explicit materials.

Legal Implications for Extreme Pornography

The cam site ratings movies are considered as extreme pornography. This term was first used by the United Kingdom government. As part of the Section 3 Criminal Justice and Immigration Act of 2008, this covered all people who are in possession of explicit images or movies to be considered as a criminal act. The term pornography is characterized as any images or movie clips (posted on the internet), or reproduced through media items that are grossly offensive. Any movies that are principally created for domestic usage to create sexual arousal are a form of a criminal offense. The coverage of this legislation portrays the following acts:
1. An act that may result to threaten the individual’s life;
2. An act that may or most likely to incur serious physical damages or injuries to the participant’s genitals, anus, and breasts;
3. An act that appears or involves participant to have sexual intercourse with a dead human body (corpse);
4. An act that requires a person to appear or perform sexual intercourse (including oral sex), with an animal (bestiality) whether it is alive or dead; and
5. An act that involves participants, who are below 18 years old.
The coverage of this legislation is to protect the participants (both man and woman) from physical abuses for any cam site ratings film. Any violation for this law, which involves suffocation, hanging, sexual assaults, or threatened with any violent materials to the participants are considered unjust and have its corresponding prosecution. Any materials such as insertion of objects to mutilate the participant’s genitals and other private organs are criminal offenses.

Overview of Internet Pornography

“Internet pornography is increasing everyday”

“Internet pornography is increasing everyday”

The legal situations for cam site ratings net pornography involve the international nature of the World Wide Web. The term internet pornography involves production, uploading, and distribution of X-rated adult films on the internet. This specific entity of pornography carries special concerns with regards to the legislation. Internet pornography is one of the most pressing concerns that require specific legislation not just for the entire nation but for the rest of the world. People have easier access to the internet. This creates unlimited possibilities for everyone to visit any porn sites. The moral responsibilities should be reinforced by the government and other religious groups. This includes the association of social awareness against internet pornographic materials. Moral education plays an important role for the reduction of abusive and immoral acts. This includes the insights about the effects of porn that are massively spread on the internet.

Legal Implications of Internet Pornography

“Understand the legal implication of Internet Porn”

“Understand the legal implication of Internet Porn”

However, there are few concerns that need revalidation for regulating the net pornography. These concerns include:
1. Prohibition of any forms of pornography, which are considered illegal within the jurisdiction of the local government. The coverage of this law will depend on the current legislation of a certain place (country). There are countries that do not have net porno prohibiting laws that include bestiality and violence.
2. Preventing participants age 17 and below from accessing any websites that have porno materials. As part of the cybercrime laws, internet pornographic materials must be regulated by the local social media regulators. This includes banning of websites that are producing explicit images and movie clips that are not ideal for the moral growth of the society.
3. Strict implementation of porno sites banning. There are countries such as Saudi Arabia and China that implements the filtration of website contents. This had resulted into failure or porn sites to penetrate in these countries. Thereby, the managers of these sites are relocating their hosting servers to other countries that have weak legislation of net pornography. The best way to resolve this issue is to create generalized prohibiting law for internet pornography. This involves the participation of developed, developing, and under-developed countries. Otherwise, the regulation of obscenity must be implemented and should base on the social ethics and moral standards.

As a conclusion, there should always be a guiding force that can reduce or possibly eliminate the potential risk of cam site ratings materials. Although, everyone is given with an option to do what they want but a touch of social ethics can emanate the codes of moral conduct. Eventually, weak legislation should be amended for the betterment of the social moral standards. This includes the regulation of any sexually-inspired materials, whether it is an image or a video clip.

Hiring Ghost Writers to Develop Products for Online Information Product Platforms


“Get a ghost writer to develop products for your info product platforms”

One of the things most information product developers can never get enough of is good content. Unless you absolutely love writing, you probably won’t be able to prepare enough written material for your online information product platforms. As a result many information developers hire ghostwriters to assist them in the preparation, research, and writing for their information products. You should also do a good research on the info product platforms.
If you are a writer and trying to establish your own information product then it is vital to find the right platform to establish and promote your product. You can read the reviews of platforms here: The more you research about online information product platforms, the better results you’ll get.
When it comes to finding good writers, it’s a buyer’s market. More writers need work than there are jobs available. The trick is finding good writers. As you start to go through the process of hiring ghostwriters, here are some things to bear in mind.

Finding Ghost Writers to Work on Your Online Information Product Platforms


“Find a perfect ghost writer for your information product”

Finding good writers means going to the places where good writers look for work. A number of online services connect freelance writers, developers, and programmers with individuals who need their services. Depending on your particular needs and your budget, some of the best sites include Elance, Guru, iFreelancer, Freelance Writing, oDesk, People per Hour, Freelance Writing Gigs, and Problogger Job Board.
Signing up generally costs nothing, but most of these sites take a cut based on the services purchased through the site itself. Bear in mind, that you cannot simply use these services to connect with freelance writers and then work with them off-site. You must complete at least one full transaction with them on the site before moving off. Otherwise, you can get banned permanently.

Tips for Getting Higher Caliber Writers to Respond


“Some higher caliber writers are still old school”

Thousands of writers frequent these sites. Many of them have little to no talent, or they focus on providing quantity over quality. For a long-term successful online information product platform, you need high quality writers who can assist you in the development of your brand. This means that you need to take certain steps to attract those higher caliber writers.
First, provide a detailed and precise explanation of what you as the employer want. Give the writers information on the type of writing style, the length, the deadline, the subject matter, the level of expertise anticipated and everything else that you want the provider to know. Double check your proposal for grammar and accuracy.
Second, invite specific writers and freelancers from the site to participate. Most of these freelance sites include invitation services. You can go through the selection of writers and choose the freelancer that you think might be a good fit. Often times, you can select up to 10 choices. Invitations make it significantly more likely that a higher caliber writer will respond.
Third, use search engine optimization techniques in your actual proposal. A number of the higher caliber writers do not have time to just browse through the general postings. They set up searches based on keywords that match their particular areas of expertise. To trigger an alert in those writers’ inboxes, you need to use those keywords. Keywords should include your general industry, the topic, and the writing style.
Fourth, do not say that the job should be easy or that anyone can do it. The high caliber writers tend to view this as an insult to their abilities or assume that you, as the employer, will not be respectful of their abilities. To get an idea of other specific phrases to avoid, check out the forums of the specific sites you frequent. Elance, for instance, has a very active forum where the service providers and writers share specific phrases and indications that cause them to question the legitimacy of an employer and even avoid him.

Finding a Good Writer

Even when you’re highly specific, you will be inundated with proposals from numerous writers all wanting the job. It can be rather overwhelming to search through the different applications to determine which ones will actually pan out for you.
First, eliminate all of the proposals that contain poorly structured phrases, grammatical errors, and information that indicates the writer did not even read the job posting. A number of poor quality content mills tend to mass produce proposals, hoping to snag as many clients as possible. Stay away from these kinds of content mills as the content is generally plagiarized or poorly written. It will only cost you more in the long run.
Second, look at the profiles of the writers whose proposals stand out. Both the profiles and proposals should be articulate, precise, and well-developed. You should know exactly what you’re getting with the writer. Positive referrals and recommendations can also make a good difference, but bear in mind that even good writers have to start someplace.
Third, request a sample piece or two relating to the content that you need developed. Another sign of a good writer is one who responds to you within a fairly brief amount of time. Due to the busy schedules of many professionals, a brief amount of time can be anywhere from a couple hours to 48 hours. The one exception to this is if you clarify in your initial proposal that time is of the essence, and you need to have responses within a brief amount of time. Evaluate all of the samples to determine which ones best match your tone and vision for your online information product platform.

Details to Clarify Before Hiring

Once you find the right writer, take the time to clarify all of the details before making a hiring official. The first thing that you must clarify is how the rights will be handled. Never assume that a standard industry practice has been established on rights. Every information business handles it in a different way, and every writer handles it in a different way. Generally, if you plan to purchase full rights to the content, you need to plan to pay more. Blog content and other smaller pieces may not fetch quite as high a price, but requiring exclusive rights to an eBook or other longer service package will require significantly more cash.
Make sure that you both understand the quality standards to be enforced as well as what you expect from the writer. Timetables and actual deadlines including the amount of time allowed for revisions needs to be clarified and agreed upon in advance. Often times, this leads to most of the disagreements and frustrations between information developers and the writers who work with them. By heading these problems off in advance, you make it significantly more likely that the work will proceed without hindrances.

Test Period and Regular Evaluation


“Regular feedback would help him understand your perspective”

A writer’s skills are not the only thing that you need to consider. You must consider a number of factors, but not all of them will be apparent upfront. The writer’s abilities as well as his personality and his ability to match persuasive writing techniques to the goals and visions you have for your business and information products will only be revealed in time. It may help to set up an initial test period. Through this, both you and the writer can determine whether you can work together. Even after you both find that you can work together productively, it’s best to hold regular evaluations to make sure that the material is progressing on track. This way, if something starts to go wrong, you can address it early on rather than at the end when the deadline looms.

Create Great Online Personal Ads Profile: A How To Guide!


“Make your profile attractive”

Personal ads are important to your online dating endeavors. These are the things that will catch the eyes of potential suitors or partners. But the most important ads are the legit online personal ads. Those who are really looking for the right one should be focusing their search for this type of online personal ads. But a legit personal ad does not necessarily mean it is a great one that will really attract the men and women. They need to be powerful and compelling that you are able to receive a good number of response where you can choose your dates.

The Need for Great Personal Ads

Personal ads must work as they are intended to be: sell you to as many potential partners. If they do not then they are just a waste of time and online space. You would be surprised how many men and women who fail to make their personal ads work for them. Over 50% of men and women in online dating sites get zero response just because of poor personal ads. That is how powerful this self-marketing tool is. This is why I am making this guide on how to create great online personal ads. It is time for you to get the much needed response to jumpstart your love life.

Creating your Online Personal Ads

Great and legit online personal ads have several characteristics that you and everyone else should know about to be able to copy them and use them to your advantage. So now I have created steps for you to follow and be able to incorporate the characteristics of great online personal ads.

Establishing the 3 Us


“Be unique”

The 3 Us are unique, urgent and ultra-specificity or being uber-specific about what you want. You need to establish your uniqueness among the other men or women in the dating site. This way interest in you will go up. Then you need to establish the urgency on your potential partners to make them act as fast as they could. Imagine being able to get more than 3 responses to your ads the following day. Being ultra-specific allows you to ignore that response that does not meet your criteria. This makes it easy for you to filter out potential partners.

Use of Space

Every dating websites offer ample space for anyone to make their online profile and personal ads. So make good use of the space provided for you. If you are allowed to post 20 pictures of your head then post 20 pictures where you look great. And be sure to post recent ones to make sure you have legit online personal ads. If you are given over 500 words to post something about you then use all 500 words. Men should pay more attention to this. You need to express yourself effectively to be able to attract women. For the ladies, be direct and clear about what you want from men. Avoid being vague.

Use of great photos


“Your profile picture should be appealing”

Always choose the photos that you will post in your online profile. Use the ones that compliment your face and body. Avoid using the same expression on all facial photos. Have a combination of smiles, serious and goofy pictures. For the ladies, choose the perfect full body photos of you in a dress, professional attire and swimsuits. Men are very visual and if you have the right body photos they will be very interested.

Captions that Catch Attention

Most online dating sites allow you to add captions to your photos. That does not mean you just add boring captions. You need to make them very interesting. Catchy captions are the way to go to make anyone check a photo of you. Then that will make them check the rest. The best use of a caption is on photos where you are doing something exciting such as physical activities like skydiving. That should attract a lot of attention. Legit online personal ads are nothing without great captions on photos.

Correct Your Grammar

Good use of English is important unless you are a foreigner. Make sure you minimize grammar mistakes and use them for making great captions. For example, use impeccable grammar when you are posting information about yourself. About you should be well written and neat. If you happen to be a foreigner use this information early on in your post. This way readers will be more understanding. The foreigner part will even increase your attraction points to a point that readers would even ignore the errors or even find them attractive.

Express Opportunity to Meet


“Let her know that you are interested in meeting”

Add details on your personal ads with plans on going to a place over the weekend. Like if you are going to New York post an update telling those in New York that you are coming to their city. This should get you several calls for a date. Remember to add this part in the last portion of your post. This is the perfect way to induce urgency on all your potential romantic partners in New York. So remember this whenever you have travel plans. Update your dating profile immediately to give your potential partners an opportunity to see you personally.

Arrangement with Style

Legit online personal ads must also make use of artistic presentation. Make full use of the allowed formatting controls to make your online personal ads amazing. Remember that too many are can ruin everything so learn how to apply it with subtlety. There is also beauty in simplicity. Ask help, even professional help if you have to. Make sure you are able to express your attractive personality with the layout of your online profile. So be very specific to the design and layout of your online profile.

Minimize Negativity

It is human nature to be negative about things we are not in favor of. But expressing negativity in online dating sites is a big no. There are exceptions, of course. But limit such outburst on these exceptions. And when you do share your thoughts pick your words carefully. If you are expressing how you felt dating a very unruly individual then express it without having to expose the person online. Remain civil and polite. This will add attraction points for you since you are able to display that you can stand your ground without losing your cool.


This is how you create great online personal ads. As you can see, you cannot rely on just legit online personal ads. They have to be effective in getting the attention of other online searchers. Also, you have to make sure that it does not look like a scam. There are plenty of sites on the internet, which are scam sites. You must know about these sites in order to avoid them. For instance, you can read matchmaker review that is shown here and find out whether is a scam or not. Once, you know how to spot a scam, you can make your own effective and legit personal ad. This will give you the responses that you want to get to give you the opportunity to choose the right partner for you. It is the only way for you to be able to have several dates to choose from and become the one you will marry one day. And in case your first option did not turn out to be the right one you can always give your second and third option a call. Remember that dating is a numbers game. The better the numbers the better are your chances. And to get the best numbers you need your online persona ads working to get those numbers.

Use Online Interest Forums to Find Girls to Hook Up With


“Use online forums to find your perfect like-minded girl”

With so many adult hookup scams flooding the internet, it has become hard to find the best dating sites for hooking up. Maybe sites for hookups or dating sites just aren’t for you – maybe you prefer something a little more unconventional, something a little more against the grain. Many people want a little more of the experience of hunting for girls to hook up with – actually having to seek out people who have similar interests and chatting them up rather than having a dating website’s processes try and match them up with somebody. Both are fine, but if you’re more like the former, then it’s a good idea for you to join an online general discussion forum and find the threads relevant to interests you have. Places like those will be great for having the true experience of having to talk to a girl and see if she might be a good fit for a relationship or casual fling, but it won’t be too hard to find girls that give you at least a good place to start if you’re in a forum for the same interests.

Try Art


“Artistic girls have wild fantasies”

Joining a forum to discuss art will put you in touch with all those artsy girls who you can impress with your knowledge of fine artists old and new (but please, do your research with a little more than a quick read-through of the artist’s Wikipedia page) as well as your thoughtful opinions on the variety of movements that the art world has seen. If you seem genuinely interested, you’re guaranteed to pick up a hot artsy chick and get her interested in talking with you. With how open most artists are to just about anything, you’re sure to find a girl looking for a casual hookup in between fine arts projects, which, if you’re just looking for a casual fling, she’ll probably be cool with – artsy girls are as transient as the movements they follow. But for the time you know her, most likely she’ll need something a little more comforting to come home to than a space heater while she stays up late in a cold studio slaving over that last painting, and chances are that the hand that holds her paintbrushes will be even nicer somewhere else.

Try Music


“Music loving girls are lively and cheerful”

Joining a music forum is great, especially if you’re in a band. Women who are into music are extremely devoted to it – usually they have their favorite band’s entire discography as well as knowing the tour schedule for that season down to each and every state, anxious for when they’ll show up in hers. If it’s a band you’re into, too, it’s a great place to strike up a conversation. Have no fear – the ever popular “What’s your favorite album of theirs?” is a great way to start lighthearted discussion that could quickly become deeper as she delves into how the album was playing when she had her first intimate experience, and sooner or later she’s talking about other bands she’s into (what a coincidence, you’re into those too!) and the type of music she’s always fantasized about listening to while having sex. Girls that are into music are usually just about as open as artsy girls, and finding music junkies on hookup sites is always great if you’re not looking for anything serious – they’re fans of the transient lifestyle their favorite bands lead and they usually don’t want to be tied down anyway. If you are looking for something a little more serious, though, they probably wouldn’t mind following you on your tour if you’re in a band yourself, as long as they get exclusive backstage access at all the venues.

Try Nerdy Girls

Nerdy girls are going to be a little shy. Don’t make too many loud noises – they’re used to the quiet of the library and the comfort of sitting at their computer as they play an online video game or read up on the latest tech or science journal. If you’re trying to get with a nerdy girl, chat her up with questions about how she feels about the recent advancements in stem cell research, or what Popular Science ranked as the ten most useful inventions of the year in their recent issue. She’ll be so impressed with your intelligent way of talking and knowledge of current scientific events or the recent developments to video game graphics and game-play that she’ll be out of her laboratory or library and right into your lap.

Try Poetry


“Girl poets are passionate & sensitive”

If you’re looking for a girl who’s quite possibly one of the most sensitive, vulnerable, and in need of attention and love ever, try and go for a poet. They’re probably not going to be into too many casual flings, so this one is only good to look for on hookup sites if you’re actually seeking a long-term relationship.They’ll be in the poetry forum, probably both in the one about published, famous poets but also the original one as well, viewing frequently but only commenting every so often. If you want to be the one person who finally takes notice of her and listens to every single one of her poems if she wants to recite them to you, she’ll fall for you incredibly quickly and you’ll live happier ever after. Make sure that, even if her poems are about saving the whales in the oceans and you really couldn’t care less about the topic, that you’re still listening attentively and that you’re genuinely interested because it’s something that she believes is important – anything less, and she’ll think you’re a fake and a liar and all you’ll see of her is the poem she publishes years down the road about the idiot jerk who tried to romance her and failed miserably.


“Use specific forums of your interest to find like-minded girls”

The beauty of using these interest-specific forums to hunt for girls to chat up and possibly hook up with is that you don’t have to scramble for conversation starters. You already know about their basic interests, that’s why they’re in the section of the forum they’re on – making these types of sites the best sites for hookups. While you get the authentic experience of actually having to talk to someone to see if you might be a match, unlike on dating sites or hookup sites matching you because their system tells you it should, but without the difficulty of walking around a crowded bar and trying to guess by appearance what some of the girls might be into.
When you take the fact into account that any site on which there is regular human interaction can present you with a myriad of hookup opportunities if you look at it right, the possibilities become almost endless. One off the easiest ways to meet women you might be interested in pursuing romantic or sexual relationships with is to participate in online discussion forums. Sure, it’s not what comes to mind when you picture sites for hookups, but it’s certainly effective. Most sites have forums organized into a variety of topics, and only comment threads based on that topic are allowed there – it’s easy to start a conversation about a shared interest with a girl posting there who looks cute, and if you hit it off you can move to sending her direct messages instead of posting in the forum for everyone to see. That will progress to talking outside of that site, and that will progress to even more.

Romance Scams: The Truth Behind Dating Site Scams


“Find the truth about romance scams”

The number one issue surrounding joining online dating sites is the scams that proliferate in them. Some scams are serious enough for you to think that it is their business, hence scam dating sites. And with over a thousand sites out there, how do you effectively avoid them? Firstly, you can read reviews of the sites. For example, you can read adult friend finder dating site review to find out more about the site. After you read it here, you can decide whether is a scam or not. There are other ways to find the truth behind dating scams as well. Let’s discuss the ways by which you can avoid these scam sites.

The first thing you need to know about scam dating sites


“Learn more about the scam dating sites”

Scammers and scam tactics have gone a long way; they fit their tactics to the digital world, taking advantage of hiding behind the “Virtuality” of it. Upon careful research, experts noted that scammers lurking in dating sites claim success in business and profession; they also claim citizenship in the United States and some European countries. Because scammers seem to have perfected their deed, it will be very hard for you to assume they have sinister intentions other than their friendship or romantic interest. For one, they speak with affluence; they know trending issues and important current events, even if you throw them unlikely personal and professional questions they’d answer you in a jiffy. Likewise, they have a name for each of their family members, often times giving you the opportunity to meet them individually online. Of late, scammers have gone beyond pestering in online dating sites; they are now even active in social media. Online scams are not a one-man-show either; too often they work in teams, usually remote to each other so it will be very hard for you to track them.

Are you on their list?

These con-men that scam dating sites heartlessly target the widows, widowers, senior men and women, female divorcees and even the disabled. But this is not to say the novice is out of their radar. Any sign of vulnerability is a sure target of these scammers. The widows or widowers are extremely vulnerable, as well as the newly divorced. Why? Because these people just got out of a settlement or has inherited money from their dead spouses, not to mention their seemingly vulnerability and dire need for emotional recovery. For the disabled, scammers know that these people receive a regular disability check from their insurance companies and government. The same goes for senior citizens, apart from receiving pension checks, majority of them have sizeable retirement funds that they can easily dip their hands into.

How scammers target the unsuspecting?


“They would ask you for money”

A typical scam would go something like this: your would-be seemingly honest dating prospect after a series of Ala-clockwork communication with you will suddenly appear to fall into a dire need of help from you. He’ll say he’s met an accident somewhere overseas and will ask you to wire some money for hospital and medical bills and some legal expenses. If it’s any consolation to you, he’ll send you pre-shot photos picturing him in a real accident, or would allow a third party to communicate with you during this time. The third party will “forcefully” keep in touch with you and guide you in executing the wire transfer. Once their operandi is done, so are you.

What you need to remember about online scams

No online dating site can guarantee that your experience at their sites would be scam-free. Because of the amount of money being collected (and extorted) some scams have become sophisticated than others. Yes, it has become a business that it is possible that the site itself proves to be a scam dating site, that web developers, admin and correspondents are strategically working together to bait you into the trap. So keep an open mind and always take your connections with people in online dating sites with a grain of salt. At any rate, keep yourself aware of these key hints that could very well be a scam.
Scammers are “professionally” lurking in online chat rooms, social media and online dating sites. Sometimes their communications come unsolicited through your email.
They have different identities; a scam artist could actually be a man posing as a woman and vice-versa.
When you visit albums of their social media page, you’ll notice very few picture posts of their family, friends and co-workers. Likewise, you’ll notice that he or she has limited number of friends on their list too.
Their conversation with you is geared towards heartbreaking news about family members. This happens when he or she starts to feel you’re already into the connection. Your concern for the family member is tested by short stories every once in a while with a touch of “courageous survival” of the situation in high light. Technically, it’s like introducing you to one of his family members, like a parent or a sibling, seemingly getting the two of you to become “close” without actually letting you speak or chat to each other. Don’t be surprised if later on he or she will start to tell you this family member has a terminal illness or is dead, making you feel obligated to help financially.
In some cases, the scam would fall in a different scenario where your correspondent is the one that met an accident and the one that will further the communication is this “family member” that you haven’t really met before and is only a character in your constant storytelling. However, you’ll notice that this family member knows your personal details and it would be hard for you to tell if you’ve already fallen into a scam act.
The scammer or its family member seems to be always in a web of bad luck: car accident, hospitalized, beaten or terminally ill. Oftentimes, the scammer will create urgency as if makes you feel guilty if you won’t take action right away.

Take caution and protect yourself from being scammed


“Protect yourself from getting scammed”

No matter how strongly you feel about someone you’ve (just) met online, always maintain intelligent dealings. Falling in love is not an excuse to act stupid; in fact making you “fall in love” is the scam artist’ first order of business. Once he’s determined your level of vulnerability he moves on to the next step. Don’t expect your connection with him to be long; they won’t risk you suspecting something foul and getting a chance to “ask around”. The sooner they get what they want from you, the sooner they’d disappear. To avoid being scammed, remember these following tips:
Money should never be involved in your conversation. If you are starting to feel comfortable because of a seemingly “emotional blackmail” in the works and you’re confused as to the credibility of this person, then it’s wise to keep your distance to clear your head. When you allow yourself to detach from him/her you’ll have a better point of view and would suggest actions that will not involve money.
Avoid giving out too personal information that scammers may use against you. Strangely so that in this age of social media, it seems like we’re expected to share more than the basic information about ourselves. What country you’ve gone for vacation, what car you recently bought, your latest resort escapade or an image showing you’ve just unpacked the hottest gadget in the market are all delicious clues for your scammer to get on with his or her act.
If you’re caught between wanting to help by sending money but unsure if it’s the right thing, then before you make that move, verify first the real identity and citizenship of your correspondent by calling the Overseas Citizens Services at 1-888-407-4747. Likewise, they can shed some light in the true identity of your correspondent or if you’re about to fall prey to a scam.
Do not agree to wire money through usual means like Western Union or MoneyGram; fake IDs can easily be used in retrieving money from these establishments. Instead use bank-to-bank transfers, specifically to the account of your correspondent. You can somehow make a background check as to how legitimate the account of your correspondent is. Or better yet, consider sending an OCS Trust where your funds will be routed to the U.S. Department of State. Then your funds will be wired to the nearest embassy or consulate for your “correspondent” to pick-up.

If you believe you’ve become a victim of an internet scam then it’s best to report the incident immediately to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. This is an agency put together by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National White Collar Crime Center that aims to help in the prevention of cybercrimes.

Are Swingers Jealous People? Examining The Psychology Of Swinging Couples

“Understand the psychology of swinging couples”

“Understand the psychology of swinging couples”

The lifestyle of swingers is entirely different from the lifestyle of monogamous couples. Most people are of the opinion that swinging couples do not love each other. In reality, it is not true. Swingers are deeply in love with each other. They love each other so much that they want their partner to be happy in all ways. They can understand that the sexual needs and fantasies of a person cannot be fulfilled by a single person. They want their partners to get what they want. That is the reason they opt for swinging and that is the reason they post their profiles in online swingers dating sites. If you want to make your partner happy then check the ratings of the top websites and Read Reviews Of The Best Swinger Dating Sites Online to choose from the best online swingers dating sites.

Jealousy and love are related to each other

It is a universal truth that love and jealousy go hand in hand. If swingers love each other, don’t they get jealous? How can the swingers not feel jealous? This is the question that arises in the minds of many people. It is a good question that has been asked directly to swingers. Like all other humans, swingers too feel jealous at times, although not always. How do they cope with it? Does jealousy affect their love life?

Does swingers’ lifestyle help in avoiding jealousy?

“It’s more of an open relationship, so no room for jealousy”

“It’s more of an open relationship, so no room for jealousy”

 Swingers’ lifestyle is a carefree lifestyle. They feel committed to their partners. They feel grateful to their partners for allowing them to experience all the pleasure they want. They know that their spouse does out of pure love and they are ready to reciprocate the same love towards him or her. This helps them avoid jealousy. They talk a lot with each other. They discuss freely about their needs and fantasies. The more they talk the more close they become. They share a special relationship full of love and understanding. They know that their partner will come back home feeling happy and elated. They realize that their sexual life will not affect the deep loving bond between them. When they are very sure that their love is going to last their lifetime, there is no place for jealousy.

Does swingers’ relationship help in avoiding jealousy?

Imagine that a small child and her toy doll. If someone comes to snatch the doll away from her, she clutches it very tightly. The same thing applies to regular couples too. They do not want their better halves to be snatched away from them. They become too possessive and clutch them too tightly that it may ultimately result in suffocation. This is one of the reasons for breaking up of relationship in monogamous couples. The swingers’ relationship is entirely different. They log in together in online swingers dating sites. They choose swinging couples after a lot of discussion and make a decision after mutual agreement. They do not have the feeling that they own their partner. The feeling of ‘owning one another’ may backfire and may lead to jealousy. Swingers do not have the feeling of owning and so most of them do not feel jealous.

Does self confidence help in avoiding jealousy?

“Be confident in yourself and about your relationship”

“Be confident in yourself and about your relationship”

All swingers are brimming with self confidence because they trust each other. They are confident that their partner would come back to them after the end of the swinging episode because they know they like to be with each other and they want to be with each other. There is no fear of insecurity that their spouse would leave them. They never have doubts of that sort. That is the reason they log in online swinger dating sites and select swingers of their choice. This feeling of self confidence is one of the reasons for absence of jealousy in swinging relationship. There is one more reason for increased self confidence among swingers. Swingers, especially, women feel that they are more desirable. They start to respect themselves. They see them as a new individual. This makes them more self confident. Jealousy between arises only when there is a lack of confidence. Jealousy cannot enter a mind that is overflowing with self confidence.

Does good mental health help in avoiding jealousy?

There is no stress. There is no fear. There is no insecurity. There is no instability. There is no cheating. There is no secret. There is love, peace, happiness, fulfillment and confidence. All these are essentials of good mental health. Fear and insecurity are the major villains that cause jealousy. The absence of fear and insecurity helps in getting rid of jealousy. Too much jealousy and unjustified jealousy are indicators of poor mental health. Lack of jealousy is an indicator of good health.

Does lack of secrecy help in avoiding jealousy?

Sex is always considered to be something done in the dark. It is thought to be a mystery. It is treated as a secret behavior done without the knowledge of others. It is thought to be a special thing shared exclusively by two people and none else. This secrecy gives rise to jealousy. Men and women cannot digest the fact that their partner enjoys this special experience with others. This makes them jealous. There is absolutely no secrecy in swinging. There are no closed doors and no mysteries. The lives of swingers are open. There is nothing to hide. This openness also is one of the causes for lack of jealousy.

Is jealousy completely absent in swinging?

“No, jealousy cannot be ruled out completely”

“No, jealousy cannot be ruled out completely”

YES – cannot be the only answer for this question. Jealousy is not unheard of among swinging couples. In the initial stages the swingers do feel jealous at times, if not always. The golden rule of swinging is – ‘If you want to be a perfect swinger, you should not feel jealous’. Are all swingers able to follow this golden rule? The answer is a definite NO. How can they enjoy their swinging life if they feel jealous? There is another golden rule to this – ‘If you are not able to avoid jealousy completely you should learn to manage jealousy’.

How do swingers manage jealousy?

Some swinging women say that they make it a point that they want to meet the girl who wants to crawl into the bed with their partner. They make it sure that they come to know the girl first. Then they allow her for swinging with their partner. This is one of the tricks. There are many more tricks. Some couples feel jealous in the beginning. Then they get used to swinging. Mutual sharing of the sexual adventures and pleasures play an important role in overcoming jealousy. Once they realize that it makes them both happy, they are able to conquer jealousy.

If there are swingers who are not able to overcome jealousy, here is some good news for them. There are online help sites. They can make use of them just as they use online swingers dating sites. They can also get help from experienced swingers. It is the newbie’s who face this problem.

If a person is not able to solve the problem of jealousy even after a few years, then he or she can never become a successful swinger. They have to move away from swinging without much delay.

The interviews and blogs of swingers prove that most swingers do not feel jealous at all. Some swingers successfully manage their jealousy. Jealous couples cannot continue in swinging lifestyle. To be a successful swinger, say good bye to jealousy. If it is impossible, better don’t go to online swingers dating sites.

Things A Woman Hates And Will Never Tell You

There are a ton of things that you do that irritate the crap out of women, but they just will never tell you. That’s one thing to keep in mind when you are trying to have a new fling with a hot girl; there are a lot of things that guys do that piss women off, and they just don’t want to mention it for one reason or another. Annoying, but hey, hopefully you’ll learn something by the end of this and be able to correct your bad habits that piss your girl off before it gets to the point that she walks right out the door.

Television Habits


“Let her have the remote once in a while”

There are a lot of websites that are considered the best for flings in the world that won’t go into this little tidbit, and that’s because guys can be kind of weird about their television watching habits. Here’s the thing: girls don’t like it when you ignore them to turn on your favorite show. It pisses them off, as well it should! If you’ve set up time to have your girlfriend come over and spend time with you, don’t camp out in front of the TV to fall asleep drooling to Nascar. It’s not sexy–no one thinks it is, and no one will ever think it is. If you’re lucky, she’ll just walk out of the house. If you’re not, she might walk out and never want to hop in bed with you again.

Some women are definitely more vocal about this particular thing, but for the most part, they might just passively aggressively glare at the TV or the remote that lingers in your hand. If you have to watch TV while she’s around, at least do it with a show that you both enjoy and can enjoy together. Maybe that’s the point of inviting her over; you want to watch your favorite show together. If that’s the case, she’s got nothing to complain about!

Not Cleaning Things Up Properly


“It’s time that you took some cleaning lessons”

This can be a pet peeve that goes both way in a relationship, but it’s obvious that women are usually known to get twitchy about this more than anything. If she cooks dinner for you and asks you to clean up afterwards, don’t leave the pans ‘to soak.’ You know you are putting off the cleaning, and it’s obnoxious. Even the best websites for flings will tell you not to be a slob, and that includes around the house at least ten times over. Seriously, it will take you five minutes to cater to that one thing she’s asking you to do, and that’s to clean up the kitchen, or not leave your beer cans sitting around, or–whatever it is! It’s the least you can do, and if you do it often enough, you will just get in the habit of picking up your stuff and leaving everything neat and tidy in your wake naturally. She will love you for it, trust us.

Being Overly Critical About Food

A lot of women really get aggravated about this, and for good reason. If she is going out of her way to cook you a meal, you should at least find something to compliment about it. Don’t sit and nitpick it and compare her mac’n’cheese to your mother’s. Your girl doesn’t want to hear about that. She wants to hear about how tasty her food is, or at least how much you like this one part of it, and maybe you can try to do it like this in the future? Little suggestions (once in awhile!) are fine, but don’t go out of your way to pick everything apart.

Something else of note that a lot of the best websites for flings won’t ever tell you: don’t be a jerk at restaurants. It’s one thing if they don’t cook your steak right, but it’s something else to get grumpy over whether or not your server shows up at the exact second to refill your drink. It’s just not cute, and a lot of women will find it really annoying if you sit there and nitpicking the entire dining experience. Seriously, cut that crap out.

Stacks Of Things…Everywhere


“Stop throwing things around and stacking them up – Clean it”

Coins, receipts, bottle caps, you name it–men can be messy and that pisses a lot of women. This goes right along with picking up after you, but somehow, coins and small objects like that in general tend to get passed over. Even the best websites for flings will tell you to pick up your stuff and tidy up, and this is just one of those things that women will see and twitch about. Man up and get a bag to properly store your stuff, or at least get a coin jar that you can empty out every few months after accumulating a ton of loose change. Then she won’t be so annoyed with you, because you can take her out to dinner with that extra cash!

Wet Towels


“Don’t leave your wet towels on the bed”

Guys are really guilty of this, and so are girls, but…leaving wet towels around after you shower or bathe can really be obnoxious. At least have the decency to hang up towels after you use them, or keep them on your person (maybe around your shoulders, it can look sexy) if they are still wet. Don’t leave them on the floor, or on the furniture, or anywhere else. Just hang them up, and don’t leave them to soak up puddles on the ground after you have gotten out of the shower. That’s not sexy and it won’t endear you to her. She might just sigh and pick it up later, but that doesn’t mean she’s happy about it.

Random Smile Requests

Whatever you do, don’t ask a woman to smile. That will make her growl at you quicker than anything, and for good reason. Women aren’t there to smile and look cute for you 24/7. Even if you’re dating her, that doesn’t mean she is obligated to always be happy and cheerful all of the time. If she wants to frown at something or is generally having a crappy day, she doesn’t need you telling her to smile. What is she supposed to be smiling at, anyway, your handsome face or beautiful body? Give yourself a break and resist the urge, because she will smile a lot faster if you say something nice to her instead of requesting a smile specifically.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that will aggravate the crap out of your woman. She might not mention it–and likely, she won’t!–but that doesn’t mean that you should let yourself get lazy and just do a bunch of stupid things that will annoy her on a daily basis. You want her to be happy, and you don’t want to be an unintentional jerk. If you want to keep her around, enjoy that fling, and, well, get in bed with her a lot more because she will actually be happy, then just avoid doing a lot of this crap and clean up your act! Or else start looking for a married dating affair. If you want to have a married affair fling, read our guide here: Married Flings: The Easiest Way To Get Laid Tonight!. Use these top dating sites for married people and find a married affair fling.

Top 10 First Date Ideas In Chicago


“Chicago – Fall in love in the windy city”

First dates are always uncertain affairs. You never know what could happen. Short of having jitters that finally you’re going to get the person you’ve had a crush on, all to yourself for one full night, there is the business of having to plan your encounter so you wouldn’t have to deal with awkward silences or your date’s impatience when she keeps checking her watch.
When planning a first date, most will automatically think it’s the typical dinner and movie affair. What many guys miss is that a first date in a place conducive for conversation so both of you can at leisure discover each other at your pace. Nevertheless, it must also contain a sufficient amount of distraction enough to take the pressure of both of you.
Not all first dates work our nicely. Plan and take into account your date’s personality. And when you’re in Chicago, watch you affair unfold as you discover this windy and romantic urban city.

Falling in love in Chicago

Beautiful skylines, fantastic food and a magnificent waterfront in a city rich with culture, Chicago is the perfect city to fall in love. The big city culture and friendliness of the locals make this third largest American city one of the best places to date.
1. Want to make your date laugh? – Tina Fey can break down Chicago for you. The city is home to improvisational theater. Check out comedy clubs and amateur improvisational troupes. There is also the world famous Ion Chicago Theater or The Second City.

2. Would you like to listen to great music? – Chicago blues, jazz and soul can give you great music like no other. This is also where house music originated and there is a booming indie scene. Jazz lovers and even swing fans will love The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge. Kingston Mines in Chicago’s North Side will certainly entertain Blues lovers. And the Old Town School of Folk Music holds an open house every First Friday. You and your date can enjoy drinks while taking in the local sounds.

Apart from this, you can also check out the more than 25 historic bars which where speak easies during the Prohibition era.

3. How about some poetry? – You can find poetry slam or literary reading be it at the Vittum Theatre where the Encyclopedia show features writers and poets who cook up on the spot hilarious works or punk rock reading at Cal’s Liquors or the Uptown Poetry slam at Green Mills where slam was born.

4. Dinner? – Impress your date by taking her to the Alinea or L2O. Chicago is also home to pizza. Giordano’s serve saucy, deep dish, doughy pizza and Pizzeria Uno which came up with deep dish.
Foodies can still walk hand-in-hand through Grant Park’s Taste of Chicago each summer. Culinary Bike Tours by Fork and the Road organizes Culinary Bike Tours. This way you can explore the dining treats of the city – on bike.
5. For the cultured. – Art connoisseurs and art appreciators can take a leisurely stroll at the River North neighborhood where contemporary art galleries like The Museum of Contemporary Art are situated. This establishment is located downtown and boasts of having a large collection of contemporary art

6. Taking it outdoors. – Keeping things natural can be one of the best ways to start with your lady love. The great outdoors of the Chicago Park District offers loungers and picnickers a variety of offerings such as the bird and wild life area; the conservatory and lagoon at the wildlife park and even a 2 hour Cinderella approved Chicago Horse & Carriage ride through Grant Park.

7. Enjoy the water. – Chicago also boasts of the 156-mile Chicago River which can be explored in a kayak. The city’s park lagoons offer fishing past times. There is also the annual Air and Water show at the North Avenue Beach every August.


“Ice skating has always been a romantic first date idea”

8. Skate! – Roller skating hand in hand with your date on a wintry evening can certainly start the romance and some athleticism. Check out the Rink or if you like heights, try John Hancock’s Observatory’ “skate in the sky”. You can overlook the city on the world’s highest rink.

9. See a game. – Sports fans will certainly love to watch a game where the local teams play. The Bulls is certain to attract celebrity fans and the Cubs and White Sox, 2 major league baseball teams, will have fans brave the elements just to cheer the team on. No tickets for the game? A sports bar will certainly be packed with loyal fans glued to the tube and getting loud and obnoxious.


“Going to a film festival is a great idea”

10. Join a Festival. – Chicago in the summer becomes festival central. The Chicago International Film Festival will bring famous actors and actresses to the city while music fans will get to enjoy Lollapalooza, the Pitchfork Music Festival and the Classical concert series Grant Park Music Festival. The oldest outdoor music festival, The Ravinia Festival, hosts the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in the summer.

Finding a Date worth keeping – Marry your best friend

If you play your cards well, getting a date on Friday evening won’t be a problem. Networking through family and friends and getting them to pair you up with someone who also happens to be searching is enough to fill your dating calendar for a month. This process of elimination will eventually lead you to find someone who you would like to have for keeps.


“Marrying your best friend could be the best thing you ever do”

If you are not yet ready to go through this kind of process, online dating can be an option for you. Checking out online dating site reviews for the best dating site can help you find a site where you feel comfortable enough to be a member. Whether you choose a paid or free membership site, finding someone won’t be as difficult and time consuming compared to actually meeting prospects face to face. With on line dating, you can choose prospects in the comfort of your own kitchen from which you can choose. You can establish initial contact without having to go out for drinks. Once you find someone, you can start the process of going on dates.
Finding a date worth keeping, however, entails a voyage of self-discovery. Learning to be open while guarding your heart is most applicable in dating and it is important to know what it is that you want. You have to make sure that you’re complete while at the same time drawing enough people to you. If you search for a potential mate from a perspective of insecurity, you will find that you may be attracted to the wrong kind of persons while not being able to share chemistry with the right ones.
Until you have settled that aspect of your person, your dating life could end up on the shelf gathering dust. No amount of online dating site reviews can get you out of this rut. This is a personal call which you can make. If you want, you can meet other prospects on the top sites for dating. We reviewed some of the Best Dating Sites: We Review & Expose Scam Personals Websites. You can read the online dating site reviews before choosing a site and start looking for the next perfect date.
Finally, it is not so much about finding the right person but about being the right person. Marry your best friend. Once you go into a serious relationship, a lot of things can change but marrying your friend will make things a whole lot easier.

Few Tips That A Good Blogger Should Definitely Follow

Everyone who starts with a blogging site generally gets good response within first two weeks. And the blog site owners feel that they have been successful in this business. The fact is that maintaining the customers and same traffic flow for the initial one year is what will actually decide that if you have been successful in being a good blogger. Most of the bloggers shut down their sites within first one year as they will not get the desirable profit. With no money coming in most of us would not want to stick on to any business and hence we back out.

The things you should do to have a great blogging site

  • Connecting with your readers

  • Having the contents of high quality

  • Writing guest posts in other important blog sites

  • Replying to almost all comments and questions

  • Learning and knowing the basics of search engines

  • Link building and other similar activities

  • Making and creating a very strong presence in most of the social media

Here’s the first point and that connects with your readers is very important. As they say the first impression is the best impression and also helps as long lasting impact on your readers. So your blogging sites should always start with a personal note or a welcome message to your readers. The content that you should be mentioning here includes your personal details like where you are from and what exactly are you going to write about. You should be able to connect to your readers both professionally and personally at the same time.

Blogging is the most popula

Blogging is the most popula

Including contents of high quality

Readers expect contents of good quality and most of the readers would always want to come back and read your blogs if they find the contents to be good. Along with quality contents it is very important that you should add good images and videos. It would get a little boring to read at thousands of words without any pictures or videos. Also it is well said that a picture is equal to a thousand words. Along with good images you should also make sure that your content is mistake free like the grammar of sentences and other similar errors. The reason is that it could sometimes get very irritating for the readers to read the contents with repeated mistakes and hence they would avoid coming back to read your blogs. This could eventually result in loss of good traffic towards your website.

You Should Definitely Know

You Should Definitely Know

Importance of guest blogs

This is something every blogger who is trying to achieve success should do without hesitating. You should make a list of famous and important blogs and try and approach them with contents of high quality as a guest blogger. People visiting these popular sites will eventually notice your blogs and might be inspired to visit your site as well. You can look for various blog sites that support guest bloggers. You can also approach sites that hold good ranking in the SEO’s. You can check such sites with the help of Alexa ranking software. Replying to all comments on your blog is also equally important. This will increase the customer reviews and also divert good traffic to your site.

Baby Blues: How to Tell Your Partner You Want to Have a Baby

Today’s lifestyle for couples means both men and women go out every day and work. Bringing up a child into the equation can really turn everything upside down. However, there comes a time for a woman where having a baby seem to be the next natural thing as the couple progress into deeper relationship. The question is, just how are you going to bring this up to your partner?

To some, this might not be a dilemma after all. But if you are in a relationship where both you and your partner have an active and outgoing lifestyle, a baby might not be a welcome discussion. This could mean a total change. That is why you have to know when and how to bring this up with your partner in a way where no matter what the outcome might be, you are not risking of losing a person or a relationship you love so much. The following tips will help you on this.

Assess your own readiness

It is very nice to imagine that bundle of joy you carry around singing some lullaby to make the baby sleep. It is totally what the image of being mother posters or some ads or books made you see. But the truth is that, babies sleep in odd times and they often wake up just when you are falling asleep. They also don’t coo the whole day as they can be grumpy if they are hungry, sleepy or bored. They can totally cry your ears out.

My husband and I have always

My husband and I have always

And to think that that is the easiest time to watch over them. It gets even harder as they grow old, just when they learn to crawl; then walk; then talk. The list can be endless. And this is not counting how financially disruptive raising a child can be. So think, why do you want to have a baby? Are you really ready to have a baby?

The truth is that, you can only tell your partner how you want to have a baby if you truly know and feel that you are ready to have one. To know you are ready to have a baby, answer the following questions:

1. Am I ready to give up my present lifestyle and devote most of my time for my kids and husband?

2. Am I willing to give up a part of my independence and depend on my partner for some support raising the kids?

3. Am I willing to take care of my husband more than I ever do before?

You see, having a baby means you have to stop thinking about yourself. You have to learn to think only about the welfare of your child and at times, this means giving up a day job or a career or a hobby. You will need to be more attentive of your partner too. When you have convinced your partner to start a family, this means that you are ready to take on the challenge of providing care for him as well. Some of your time will be taken up for the baby. You have to spend quality time for your partner too.

A man might not also be as privy as a woman on taking care of a child. You might need to lessen your expectation from your partner in this area. You are the one who wants to have the child you must accept that you take the responsibility of keeping your relationship with your partner as it was before the baby. Of course, this is a relationship; you have to receive as well. You will need to ask support from your partner from the very beginning, before the baby. But just be sure you are not expecting more that what your partner can give. Whatever lack you think there is, fill it up or put this to your partner’s attention in a way where he will not feel obligated to do so.

And beyond all else, don’t ever think about having a baby just to keep the relationship because it often fails. Unfortunately, males are not females. They might feel obligated to stay with you but they don’t go with maternal instinct to take care of the baby. Eventually, your partner will get tired of it and you will get the blunt of it. So if your relationship is on the rocks, don’t ever consider having a baby to mend it.

Be prepared for the discussion

Know what to say when you brought the topic up. You have to list down all the things that will change. Like if you are working, how you are going to deal with baby and work. Where are you going to hire a nanny? You might think it is too far gone to think about, but before you have a baby, you need to know who is going to take care of the baby if you work.

Aside from that, you will need to consider lifestyle change. Gone are the days when you go out late. No dinner meetings for you for a while and certainly, no long vacations while the baby is still very young. And lastly, you will have to consider your relationship with your partner. You will not only be physically changed when baby comes, you will have to deal with emotional and mental trauma from being pregnant to bringing out a new life in this world.

Your partner might not understand what you are going through. Are you ready for his negative reactions? Are you ready to accommodate his seemingly lack of understanding? Will you be able to take his worries and insecurities to take care of the family?

And lastly, how will you able to present your financial situation. Will you be able to assure your partner that you can take all the difficulties that might bring with the baby?

If you have all the answer, if you are confident you have everything covered, then you are ready to bring up the discussion.

You want to give him or her

You want to give him or her

How to bring the discussion?

If you feel you want to have a baby then you are confident enough with your relationship with your partner, unless you want to get pregnant for all wrong reasons. If you keep an open communication with your partner, you will get some hint as to when he is at his most relaxed. Start there. The following guide with help you:

1. Achieve a relax atmosphere talking just about anything under the sun. See to it that your partner is in the conversation and not just humoring you.

2. Ask your partner a theoretical question as to what situation would he think the perfect time to have a baby is.

3. If he was able to answer out, and then tell him that you think this is the right time for you and that would he support your decision.

Don’t get disappointed if he feels you both are not ready. Men are almost always not ready. But for a man who values his relationship, he will succumb to your desires especially if he sees you are willing and read to have the baby. In fact, he will appreciate you for preparing him on this. He might worry, but at least at the back of his mind, he knows he is not alone on this as you are as responsible as he is with the baby.

3 Basic Healthy Lifestyle Routines to Take

Being busy round the clock is not an excuse for you to live an unhealthy life because you don’t have extra minutes to prepare healthy food nor do some exercise. You can work 8- 12 hours a day in a 24-hour cycle and so where does the other 12 hours go? Say you sleep for 6 to 8 hours and so you still have an extra 4-6 hours. That is so much time left to do some healthy habits in a day. It does not take an hour to cook healthy food and it you are not required to spend two hours for exercising. Experts recommend just 30 minutes of exercise in a day is already healthy. If you can’t really spend the extra minutes for exercise then at least do something active like walking. Try to at least walk a small distance to work if you do not have time for exercise routine. It is very important to observe healthy habits these days especially if you are always stressed at work. Living healthy life with good habits can improve mood and helps lessen stress. Also, it keeps one from being sick and weak most of the time. Three major habits to observe are written below for one to live healthy.

Drink Lots of Water

There are so many products in the market that promises energy boosting properties or having high nutrient content but nothing beats water. This universal solvent cleanses the body and ensures that wastes are always out. Kidneys function better in filtering waste if much water is consumed daily. At least 8 glasses of water a day is already detoxifying. To ensure that one is not tempted to buy juices or soft drinks in vending machines, it is important to have a water bottle with water in it handy. That way when thirst sets in, one will just take water instead of commercial products. This can help one save money too.

Natural health drink that is

Natural health drink that is

Prepare and Eat Healthy Food

Over and over you will hear this cliché every time you want to live healthy. It is because there is no other alternative in preparing healthy food. Sure there are products in the market that advertises complete nutrient content but these are still processed food. Why not go organic instead? Fresh fruits and vegetables are still the best to prepare because it contains enough nutrients that the body needs. If one does not have time for cooking then fresh fruit or vegetable salad can already be considered healthy meal. Rather than going to fast food and order high-calorie items that will just add up to one’s weight, putting an apple or any fruit in the bag is already enough to take away hunger pangs.

Preparing Eating Healthy

Preparing Eating Healthy

Exercise or Practice Active Lifestyle

Being busy is always an excuse why one cannot hit the gym. So, why not practice active lifestyle or habits instead like walking? This is already helpful in burning unwanted extra calories in the body. Walking around the office when trying to fetch some stuff and using the stairs instead of the elevator can already keep one active. If one still has an excuse to this it is either one has self-discipline problem or is just too lazy to get up.

Definite Ways to Fix Faulty Credit

Faulty credit is a pain in the ass. If you are experiencing problems about getting your bills paid in the right time, then don’t worry, for there are millions of people worldwide who suffer the same problem. An important thing to note is that a bad credit history can lead to bad credit scores. If you want to get better interest rates, you must improve your credit scores. It is essential to get credit reports because this has a major impact on the status of a person financially. Here are a few ways to fix faulty credit.

1. Credit Reports Must Be Checked

In order for you to fix your faulty credits, you must check your credit report. This is the first essential step in fixing your credit score. To do this, you should request for your credit report and see if there are any errors or erroneous data that needs to be questioned. Your credit report should also contain the data used to calculate your credit score and see if there are any errors. Sometimes, this will remedy faulty credits in an instant. Also, you should check for late payments that can be incorrectly listed. Once you find faulty records, you can dispute them with the institution.

2. Clarify and Resolve Past Due Accounts

Your credit records contain your payment history, and it has a big impact on your faulty credit. One way to fix faulty credits is to pay late payments that can hurt your credit score. You must be updated with your accounts that are delinquent. Make payments on accounts that are one to two months late. You can also talk with your debt collectors and creditors to remove collection accounts and charge-offs from your credit report.

5 Ways to Fix a Bad Credit

5 Ways to Fix a Bad Credit

3. Credit Cards Should Not Be Closed

Your credit score can be affected by closing a credit card because it affects the debt to available credit ratio. Also, you must limit your credit card accounts to three to 5, as having more can significantly damage credit score. If you happen to have more than seven, you must close the newer credit card accounts.

Hire a Professional and Pay

Hire a Professional and Pay

4. Hire a Professional for Credit Repair

Sometimes, repairing faulty credit needs professional services. There are a lot of professionals in the market that cater for faulty-credit fixing. Since this is a very taxing and time consuming process, you might not be able to fix them accordingly. Before you can consult a professional however, make sure that you have a full knowledge about your credit profile and how it represents you to your creditors. These professionals however have a charge larger than most services, but this will pay-off in the future as faulty credit can cost you a lot of money.

When is the Right Time to Promote Employees?

A good employer sees the benefits his/her employees bring into the company, and rewards them accordingly, not just with a higher position, but with an increased pay. Not doing may ruin the company by possibly losing precious employees and/or gain negative feedback from the work force: the functioning body of the company.

Why the need to promote?

It is human nature to want appreciation for a good job done… the more for an excellent job done. While verbal appreciations will do, it will only last for a while. Everyone’s needs rise up. Families grow and so the cost of living. These excellent workers will soon find a way to have their excellent job paid instead of merely dubbed as “Employee of the Year” without even having a dinner treat. As most retort, “Put it in the paycheck.” If you do not, chances are, employees will bottle up their dissatisfaction, their performance will suffer, and in the end your company suffers. With a promotion, on the other hand, employees tend to work even better.

the right time to promote

the right time to promote

Who should you promote?

Promoting everyone will make all your employees happy, for sure, but is it the right move, even for them? There should be a certain standard so that your employees will be inspired to reach for it. If everyone just got a promotion, even those who are not deserving, it will only encourage slackness, laziness and carelessness, which will also affect the company in the end. Make the promotion available to those who deserve: those who put extra effort to make their jobs done, those who are concerned with the common goals of the company, and those who are reaching out to develop himself or herself even further. The promotion is the reward.

You should also think of the future of the company in promoting someone. How will that person be any good if the basis alone is in the past performance? The potential of an employee should be envisioned. Before finally giving the promotion you should be able to grasp how that person plans to grow. If you see that he or she will be gone in a year or two, know the reason behind. If you can come up with something to hold that person within your confines that will not be hurting your company’s financial standing, go ahead. If, however, you have no control over the situation, or the cost is way too much, then let go, but reward, still, his/her past achievements well deserved.

Promote The Cause By Sharing

Promote The Cause By Sharing

When should you promote?

It takes at least a year to see if someone is doing his/her job well and even over and beyond the expectation. If it is in his/her nature, that quality will last. If it is just for show, sometime soon that person will break the act. It takes at least 2-3 years to see some loyalty and constancy in work ethics so for the first time, wait at least 2-3 years before giving a promotion. Another consideration is the company’s financial standing. If the company can afford it, then go ahead. As stated above, employees tend to work better when appreciated especially when it is in the paycheck.

Rewarding an employee with a promotion will be beneficial both to the employee and the company. You just have to know who to promote and when.